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Santa is Coming to Cranston Heights!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Our Santa Run Schedule is ready!  Our elves were hard at work planning so that you and your family had a better chance to see Santa than in recent years.

We will be doing this a little differently, as we will be going to central locations in neighborhoods, with some sharing a stop. We will no longer be stopping along the route. But when we stop at the listed locations, we will be handing out candy canes again! If you miss us, you can see where we will be on our schedules and try to meet us there. All times are approximate depending on any variables.
We are tryin to make sure that the incidents our crews respond to, can still be handled, and some of our elves make sure we still get the big guy around. We will repost the schedule for each day so you can double check where we are. If needed for any reason, we will schedule a make-up day for Monday the 19th, and will post a schedule as soon as we can beforehand.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support!! See you all soon!

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