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Election of Officers

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

This evening, elections were held for the 2022 year. The following officers were elected:

President Bill Therien

Vice President Mike Cavazzini

Treasurer John Trubina

Financial Secretary Jerry Turulski

Assistant Financial Secretary Eric Gaberlein

Recording Secretary Brandy Miller

Assistant Recording Secretary Vinnie Miller

Director Paul Sheridan

Director Ian Thomas 

Director Ryan Hubschmidt 

Membership Secretary Norma Windsor

Fire Chief Jon Sokira

Deputy Fire Chief Brian Warrick

Assistant Chief Joe Swift

Assistant Chief Kevin Kempista

Captain Daekwan Rollins

Captain Ryan Kukawski

EMS Captain Diana Stewart


At the meeting, the leadership also recognized outgoing Treasurer Jen Ferrara and Chairman of the Board Les Warrick. Jen has spent years helping the company, most recently keeping the books in order and spending in check the last seven. Les Warrick has held numerous positions over the years including Chief, Fire Police Captain, and Chairman of the Board, as well as representing the company in numerous state organizations. Their break from office is our loss, but it well deserved on their part. We’re just glad they’re not going anywhere far.

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