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Reported House Fire Assist in Hockessin

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Just before 4pm, Rescue 14 and Squad 14 responded to assist the Hockessin Fire Co., along with other area mutual aid on a reported house fire. A house had smoke reported from the roof. Upon arrival, the Squad took up the second due engine assignment and the Rescue took first due special service assignment. There were minimal conditions upon their arrival and as Rescue 14's crew investigated the roof, they found smoldering debris under the solar panels, with no extension into the residence. Units soon cleared after taking up their equipment. For those with solar panels on their roof, please use caution to assure that there is no natural debris in the areas around or below them. As was seen here, it can become a significant fire hazard, just like with any electrical equipment in the home.

CHFC Crews are seen as they investigate the solar panels on a reported roof fire.
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