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July 26, 2014

Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) w/ Entrapment: Brackenville & Mill Creek Rds (Assist Hockessin FC)

On 26 July 2014 at 15:54 hours, Cranston Heights Fire Company was dispatched to assist the Hockessin Fire Co. (Station-19) with a BLS Ambulance and Rescue-14 on a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) with Entrapment at Brackenville Road and Mill Creek Road (Hitchens)


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State of Delaware Citizens' Guide to Open Burning

There is a restriction against ALL open burning during the states' Ozone Season (May 1-Sept. 30), with the exception of cooking fires (BBQs), recreational campfires and ceremonial bonfires.


2014 Delaware Volunteer Firefighter's Association Recruitment Commercial

Click "More Info" icon then click on the Link to view DVFA Recruitment Commercial. For more information about becoming a Volunteer Firefighter in Delaware please visit


Help the Cranston Heights Fire Company Protect Your Property

In an emergency, firefighters must often gain access to your secure building or home in a timely manor. The KNOX-BOX® from the Knox Company is a system to provide the fire department access while eliminating damage. This entry system allows us to quickly and efficiently provide help reducing damage or provide help in the event of a medical emergency.


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July 17, 2014

Residential Fire: Willow Run (Assist Elsmere FC)

On 17 July 2014 at 1409 hours, the Cranston Heights Fire Company (Station-14) along with other mutual aid units from NCC were dispatched to assist the Elsmere Fire Co. (Station-16) with an Engine (14-3) and Rescue-14 on a "Working" Residential Fire, located at 1103 Dilworth Road, in the development of Willow Run. (Hitchens)


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