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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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A reminder to all of our residents that the regular Statewide burn ban is now in effect as of today and runs through the end of September.

There are five types of open burning activities are allowed by Delaware’s Open Burning Regulation when not prohibited by time of year, air quality condition, the State Fire Marshal, or the National Weather Service:

- Residential burning of small amounts of yard/garden material by a homeowner. - Recreational burning such as cooking fires, campfires, patio fire pits or ceremonial bonfires by organized groups. - Demolition of structures by intentional burning for the purposes of firefighting instruction. - Prescribed burning for forest and land management. - Agricultural burning for crop residue, field maintenance and land clearing for agricultural operations.

Please understand that some these, while allowed, may still fall under State regulations before you begin.

Visit DNREC's website for more information.

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